A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

"We were in our own little world, the world of the fae, and all of the danger that entailed."

Five Princes is a visual novel about witches, werewolves, vampires and other fantasy races.

You play as Daphne (customizable name) Marshall, a normal teenage girl. On the eve on your eighteenth birthday, you discover that not only are you a witch, you are the new empress of the fae.

But danger lies in wait,  and you have only a few short weeks to master your power and defend your empire.

Six romance options (five male, one female)
Rating: 16+ (Optional 18+)*
• Partial voice acting
Animated OP (Song: Obsession Supreme by Kristin Phillips)
Unlockable polyamorous relationship
~12 endings
72 CGs 
•  ~160, 000 words

Cheat codes and Walkthrough can be found here.

*(Adult content can be turned on and off at any time from the preferences screen. Both versions are exactly the same, and all CGs are obtainable and unaltered regardless of the mode you play. There is no nudity in this game.)

PlatformsWindows, macOS
Release date Feb 15, 2019
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(56 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel
Made withRen'Py
TagsDating Sim, Dragons, Female Protagonist, incubus, merman, Otome, polyamory, Vampire, werewolf
Average sessionAbout an hour
InputsKeyboard, Mouse


AuroreFivePrinces-2.5-mac.zip 497 MB
AuroreFivePrinces-2.5-pc.zip 535 MB

Install instructions

**Saves from Versions 1.0 and 1.1 are NOT be compatible with Version 2.**
As of update 2.3, Ilma's route has been fixed. As of update 2.4, the polyamorous route has been fixed.

Extract files and run AuroreFivePrinces.exe

Development log


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is there a more thorough walkthrough? I feel like there used to be one that helped with the coronation scene. I suck at etiquette so I always mess up that part...


I never bothered to go over the coronation because it doesn't affect what ending you get. There was a draft of the game many years ago where doing poorly on the coronation got you a bad ending, but it was cut.

Still, if you really want to know what the best choices are during the coronation:

  1. Greet Mina first
  2. Prince Beckett
  3. Edmund
  4. Connor
  5. (If you punched Vidar earlier, admit it but don't apologize for it)
  6. (If Janine is still alive, you can judge her however you like)

I really appreciate it. all the changes and stuff it confused me a little bit, and I don't think I've ever really used the daily planner but one day I may play with it. I still very much love this storyline but I'm kind of a completionist so I am truly grateful for your response.

Is Gunnar ok with polyamory or not?
Sorry if this is spoiler!

I ended up on his route on accident and he seems to be both jealous but kinda ok with me being with Dyson. I wanna date both but I saw a post below about Paz being polyamorous and I'm not sure if the polyam route is actually Paz and Dyson instead?

Ffs I romanced Dyson exclusively and got Gunnars normal end because I didn't decide to marry him last minute. Even though they began referring to a marriage conversation that never happened.
I was hoping I was gonna get a polyam ending despite not getting polyam options but I just got thrown at Gunnar right at the end despite avoiding him.
Really odd.
I think it's because I didn't drink enough in the booze game but the requirements to get a good ending with any guy you want seems so limited (miss one thing and you don't get it). 
I really like this game but it's a bit strange when you get on with one loads and then it curveballs you.

Omg is Dyson impossible? I just did another playthrough and it skipped the nightmare part so I couldn't get that part, I was doing everything else right, but never got the dating option it's coronation time..?
I feel like the walkthrough doesn't give me enough details, is it designed for if you're playing without the planner part activated??


Hi! I'm sorry you're having trouble getting Dyson's ending. The walkthrough is written for playing with day planning turned off, as the planner introduces too many other variables.

What happened, in case you're curious, is a common bug where, by getting too many points with Gunnar while on Dyson's route, the game gets confused and gives you the polyamorous ending. This will be corrected in the remasered version of the game.

But, yeah, it was my first game and I didn't know what I was doing, so it's got a lot of... quirks.

If you still care about who's polyamorous and who's not, as per your first comment, the polyamorous route is Dyson and Gunnar. Gunnar isn't typically polyamorous in general, but Dyson is an exception for him. Paz isn't fully polyamorous, but dragons have a cultural standard of women taking many lovers. However, there is no in-game polyamorous content for Paz.

I hope any of this is helpful. If you have other questions, I'm happy to answer!

Thanks for getting back to me quickly! :)

The problem I'm getting is I'm getting a conversation that implies I'm heading towards the polyam ending (the marry Gunnar convo) but I only ever get Gunnar's good ending, even if I was going for Dyson.
I haven't had a single polyam ending, and I just ran the polyam route (after getting both boys good ending) with the planning off. 
I do get a series of errors really early into their route, where you're outside with the dog, I don't know if that's related but that's so far early and it seems more confused in the last act tbh. (The errors are just white pages with code and it makes me press 'ignore' about 6 times before it goes back to the game, then I can just rewind to see whatever it skipped. The error seems to get confused about where Dyson is standing when he joins the convo I think?)

If you can do more it'd be cool to see how Paz got on with a polycule too. I think Gunnar and Dyson are cute metamour's/partners. I like how they both play with dominance and submission in different but flexible ways (even if one is a fluffy alpha lol).
Well this is a fantastic game for your first one, it has way more content than most VNs I've played, the fact your bugs are mostly related to 'too much content/variability' is kinda a compliment to your work, in a way lol

I'm gonna try to do the other characters' routes and try the polyam one once it's been remastered then. :)

Oh actually, one small question, in the polyam walkthrough it says 'both' for the penultimate option. Should I have a decision where I can pick the word 'both' or does this mean the next relevant choice has 2 options and either give you a point?
Because I had multiple options between the antepenultimate choice and the ultimate choice, and none of them had the word both, so I tried going through them with different options but it didn't seem to make any difference.
Just want to check I'm not missing some content!


So I just played through the polyamorous route real quick to make sure that it wasn't broken, and I was able to get the right ending, but I also didn't get any errors, so that's pretty weird that you were getting them. Luckily, that shouldn't affect your ability to get the poly ending.

There should be a scene shortly after the nightmare where Gunnar and Dyson show up to give you the option to date both of them, and that's where the "Both" comes in. If you're not getting that, then the problem is happening somewhere before that point.

After that, there should be a karaoke date with both boys, and then the kidnapping stuff. If you keep Gunnar alive during all of that, then you should be on the right track.

I really wish I could be more helpful!

Whoa! i loved it. the characters are so interesting anf mc is cool 

THank you <3


I'm playing Aurore for the second time and I have a tiny question I've been wondering about for a while! In the game Cain says vampires are carnivores but I think I remember Desmonda receiving a fruit basket as a present. I was wondering if that was an in game inconsistency or if she was just being polite and accepting it because if was a gift?

It's been a few years since I wrote the story, so I might be wrong, but I think the fruit basket thing came up on Paz's route, when Desdemona helped Ilma arrange the visit to the planetarium. In that instance, Daphne was using "fruit basket" as an example of a thank-you gift, rather than a literal suggestion. If the fruit basket comes up elsewhere in the story,  I don't remember it, but it's probably a mistake on my part.

Anyway, thank you for the comment! I'm so glad you like my game enough to play it for a second time. :)

I don't know if you follow my tumblr or patreon, but I announced a remastered version of Five Princes would be coming out sometime in 2022, so I hope you'll enjoy the new graphics when it comes out!

Oh I remember it a bit better now! It was definitely my mistake for not reading into the scenario properly as I was under the impression it was a thank you gift for her xD I'm so excited for the remastered version! ;w; The sprites look really nice and Lana is so pretty gosh ;w; You really did her justice! I kind of miss Paz's old skin tone and palette as I thought the cool tones fit well with his gentle and quiet personality. However, I think the sprite itself is still really well done and I'll definitely be following along!

I love this game so much! It's so hard to believe that it's available for free. The story building was amazing and the characters are so well written. Usually I only play one or two routes when there are 4+ LIs but I played all of them here coz they're all so interesting. I didn't like the art style at first but then I saw the ample number of CGs which were all so beautiful. And the detailed walkthrough guide provided is so handy. The Extras part of the menu is also so fun to play. There were a few spelling errors here and there but not too many to distract you from the story. 

It's very hard to find Visual Novels like this which are both story rich and have 18+ content AND are free. This is a very rare find and I'm looking forward to more games from this developer.

Hi! Just wanted to say I love this game so much, with the story and the characters, that I'm playing it again for the second time this week haha. Two questions though: 

At the coronation ceremony, is there anyway to have Connor like us if we're not on Gunnar's route? I'm not sure if it's because I'm doing something wrong, or if he just hates me haha. 

And also, if we insult all the other kings/queens, is there a chance they oppose/refuse to coronate us? I don't really want to try it, mainly because I'm terrified of being hated haha, but I'm kinda curious.

The answers to the questions aren't necessary, it's more out of curiosity than anything! 

But really, thank you so much for creating this, it really made me incredibly happy. Keep up the awesome work!


I'm pretty sure there's no other way to get Connor to like you, but it's been a while since I wrote it, and I don't quite recall. Connor's an asshole, though, so I wouldn't feel too broken up about him disliking me if I were you, haha.

As for the other question, there's actually a little bit of trivia behind that: I was originally going to have a possible ending where, if one or more of the monarchs didn't approve of you, you'd die mysteriously a few weeks after your coronation. I ended up cutting it because I didn't think it fit the tone of the game, but the dialogue for the ball had already been written, so all of the offensive/careless choices were left in. The only remnant of this original plan that's left is some of the monarchs will have different expressions when they crown you, depending on how they feel about you.

Thank you for your curiosity and kind words! I'm always happy to get the chance to talk more about my games.

Yeah, I figured he was probably just like that haha, but thank you for confirming! Now I won't think I'm doing something wrong every time I replay and he hates me! 

Despite what I said earlier about not being willing to try it had it been a possibility, now that you've explained what it would have been like had it been in the game, I'd probably have tried it haha, that sounds awesome? In a weird way, I mean, I would've been murdered but damn, pretty cool. I definitely see why it was taken out though, but still, it's fun to think about! 

Thank you for answering anyway!

i just downloaded this game and when i get to the part where i meet Adrian at the pool and he tells me his name, the game just closes and it says an error occurred. I deleted it and downloaded it again but it's still not working, i was just wondering if you know whats going on or how i can get it to work?


I have a few questions: Did it crash in the same spot both times? Did the game seem to be working normally up to that point? Was this on PC or mac? Did the error give any other details, or did it only say an error occurred?

You can reply here, or if you'd like you can email me directly at peanutparadegames@gmail.com and we can get this sorted out.

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Deleted 3 years ago

0: I was browsing through itch.io and think I stumbled on something gold! This game looks super interesting with really cool characters; I can't wait to check it out!

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I -  I thought it couldn't be better but that table top extra scenes game???? With all the amazing VA? Cain's line : "you're dead. Would you like to be dead, or would you like to be in the inn" - He just deadpans it and it's GREAT.


I had some time to play today and I absolutely adore the story! Here's what I thought for the brief section I saw:

The scene where the MC is softly smiling while petting Paz in his dragon form is so cute. I think it might turn into one of my favorite scenes in the game, I have to see – there was just this instant connection I felt while looking at the CG. I think I’m definitely going to go for his route first. I love the brief but very clear world building! The ways things are set up – it slowly lets the reader discover more about this new world. It doesn't drown the reader with too much info and I really felt as if I was figuring things out with the MC. Things like the LO (except Ilma) all being princes makes a lot of sense – since the MC is the heir to faerie. I love her personality – she’s very cunning + smart. I originally thought Mira was mute but when the MC figured out that sirens didn’t speak because of their voices, I was like OH 0w0!

I adore all the slow and natural world building! Like Paz describing dragon society bit by bit or sirens looking at tuna like rats and lobsters as chicken omg xDDD.  And wow that plot twist!! OwO I would have never figured it out xD

I found some details that didn't quite make sense with the lore: such as when the MC tells Ilma to give Desmonada a fruit basket as a thank you? I thought that was a little contradictory since vampires are carnivores?

I'm so happy Dyson turned out to be a tailor! 0: He was always nicely dressed and it's such a pleasant surprise he made the MC's coronation dress! I also really liked everyone's formal attire and the MC's crown is beautifully drawn and described <3

About the routes:

I adored Paz's route and his epilogue was very sweet! I think Drakhi is a beautiful language (reminds me a bit of like Russian/Mongolian?) and Chazka's voice actor did a wonderful job displaying the language! Something I was curious about: did Paz ever describe how heirs were chosen? I know on his profile it say he was adopted by Kanzlatan. Since he does not know his mother, is it safe to assume all eggs are combined together and the dragons collectively nurse them as a society - thus not keeping track of bloodlines at all? I think the dragon's lore and faith are very poetic - how they cherish the stars for example, and "you make my spirit bright". I was a bit surprised that his Zodiac was Aries. Paz seems so intuitive and sweet that  I would've thought he was a Pisces.


I played Adrien's route next and absolutely adore his playfulness >:3 He's so cute and smug it makes me very happy seeing his interactions with the MC and the rest of the princes! He's got so much personality to him despite being most mute (before the MC learns sign language) and I loved how you showed that! When using sign language I really like how he refers to the MC with a letter. It feels very natural! C: Oh wait! We share the same ENFP personality, that makes sense hehe


I actually liked Cain's route A LOT more than I expected. He's such a great fleshed out character and I love how his coldness/condescening air is balanced out with his passion, his love for books and RPGs as the MC knows him better. My favorite line in the game is definitely definintely when Daphne approaches Astaroth and he tries to woo her but she gives no shits and is like na, I'm here for your husband. And then the conversation that unfolds after is gold. The letters - her intellgence - wow! Couldn't have said it better my Eminence xD




The moment I first saw the plot twist I loved her character so so much. The way she would sacrifice herself so the MC would be safe - I know it was because of duty but to see that type of loyalty from someone I was supposed to dislike from the very start - that won my heart completely <3 Her sprite is so pretty - I love her red hair - and she always felt like a serious but honestly very genuine character <3 Super happy to go on her route!

Sorry, I didn't see this comment until just now!

First, I'm so happy you like my game, and I really enjoyed reading your thoughts on it!

Regarding dragon society: You are correct that eggs/children are raised communally. Dragon males tend to have fertility issues, which is why females take multiple lovers, otherwise their species would have died out long ago. Because of this, they view their clan as one big family, so bloodlines aren't a big deal to them. Heirs are chosen in a ceremony that takes place every few years, when a new group of eggs have recently hatched. The Elders (those who don't already have heirs) choose their heirs from among the newborns. How they go about making this choice is pretty arbitrary, as the MC points out.

Regarding Lana: I'm kind of disappointed with how her storyline worked out. I always intended her to be romancable, as a subversion of the "mean girl" trope, but as I wrote, I found that there was no graceful way to work her into the story until the very end, which didn't leave a lot of time to develop a relationship. What you end up getting on her route is more of an optimistic beginning to an enemies-to-friends-to-lovers situation. I do plan to give her a much larger part in the sequel!

Thank you so much for your comments and kind words!

I really enjoyed the game! I was wondering if I could get some help with Gunnar's route?

I can try.  What's the issue?

I can't access the guide you made, so I was wondering if I could just get some basic tips?


Day Planning Mode is an unofficial hard mode, so it's easiest when you don't turn it on. There is some extra content on that mode, but it introduces so many other variables that it's better to save it until you've played through everyone's routes without it.

Gunnar favors strong/aggressive responses in general, but the most important thing is to meet him at whatever energy he's putting out. If he's being rude or unreasonable, call him out (though if he's arguing with another person, it's better to take his side), but if he's expressing an insecurity, reassure him.

Gunnar's the jealous type, so try to avoid any choices that lead to you spending time with the other love interests. This can be a tightrope, as it can be easy to accidentally end up on Ilma's route while doing this. The best way to avoid this is to make it very clear during the drinking game that you're not into women.

Some of this might be kind of obvious, but I tried to keep it vague so I didn't spoil anything. If you want the actual step-by-step from the guide, I can copy/paste it over here for you.

Hope that helps!

Thanks! I might take you up on that after a few more tries

I finally did it! It said at the end I got Gunnar's normal end. Is there another end?

Hello! My roommates and I played throughout the good friendship route and  we really enjoyed your game. We all got invested in the story and found all the characters fun and compelling! We plan on playing through Paz's route next and are really excited!!!!

Thank you! I'm so glad you all like my game so far.

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Hello there! This is really a great game with a good story! I like how all the characters have different sides of their personalities! Thanks for your hard work!  I really enjoed Gunnar's route the most! He is gorgeous. 

However i am stuck with a poly route, i can't get it even if i follow the guide... it still brings me to the good ending of Gunnar. Just in case, i am playing on mac. Maybe you have any suggestions how to get there? It seems this is the only thing which doesn't give me the possibility to get all the CGs (i really want to get the all!).


Finally i got this ending, but with some other way, not like in the guide. However any of the CG related to this route are missing... seems i still have to try going near the walkthrough - i just don't get the choice "both" in the game.



Thank you for your kind words!

I don't have access to a mac to playtest the game, so that might have something to do with it. The only other thing I can suggest is to be sure you have the latest update (2.4), be sure to play story mode (day planning mode off), and follow the guide very closely.

I'm truly sorry I can't be more helpful.

(7 edits) (+1)

I just finished the game and I really liked it! Paz is the cutest, Ilma is super cool (and we both have the same MBTI personality!) and I really liked the mechanics of the game. I do wish it was a bit longer- some parts felt rushed and not satisfying enough. I also wish there were more scenes with Paz (I did kiss him after the nightmare) but maybe I just didn't unlock them or something. I also didn't think I would like the artstyle, but I actually got used to it and liked it while playing- I do plan on drawing some fanart for fun~ I would like to add that I played the game with mature content turned off since it's just not my thing, so I was thankful for that choice being given.

Overall a really fun game, a bit short but oh well... I still like it a lot though!

edit: altough I kissed Paz and he went for my rescue, I still got the friendship ending... If someone knows how to get the romantic ending with him, I'll be thankful (ok I only now got it... I need to choose non-monogamous... well damn it. I'll replay it anyway coz I really want to date Paz)

(2 edits)

Thank you for your comment.  I'm really glad you liked my game! Paz is a real cinnamon roll.

It looks like you found the walkthrough on your own, so I hope it helps.

I would love to see your fanart if you decide to draw it!


Cinnamon rolls are my type :)

Just wanted to ask something, is there a possibility to get Paz's best ending without choosing non-monogamous?  


I don't think so, sorry. It's a big part of dragon culture that dragonesses have multiple lovers, so that's what Paz expects of the main character. This will be an issue you can discuss with him in the sequel.

Ok, thanks! 

I'll probably be posting it on my Tumblr if I do, so I'll remember to tag you!


pretty good story, tho the romances feel a bit unnatural/rushed, and i personally would like more wiggle-room choice-wise for the good endings.

(1 edit) (+1)

What all do you need for Cain's best/romantic end? I remember from before the updates and then tried to follow the new guide, yet it defaults to friendship with all the guys end, even if I find the notes in the study and such.


That's very strange. I tested his route and it worked for me. Are you getting the option to go to Astaroth's suite after Cain breaks up with you?

Nope. Is there certain stat requirements if you do the Day Planning mode?

(1 edit) (+3)

Mostly you need to make sure intelligence is your highest stat (by going to the library). Studying the vampires gets you a chance for a scene with Cain, so follow him. After that scene, however, it doesn't matter which fae clan you study. The other things you'll want to do is get your magic high enough that Cain doesn't die, and text him as many times as possible. Be sure to rest (in the lounge) before your stress maxes out (I usually rest when it's at 18/20).  It's not necessary to go outside or to the pool at all while on Cain's route. I hope that helps!

Edit: I just remembered--click on the heart to check your affinity with him. When it's at 13/15, you're pretty much guaranteed his best ending.


Figured it out, mostly. I was overestimating the stats I needed and thus not texting quite enough.


This game is fantastic and I would highly recommend it! I love the poly route and the fact that the MC is strong sex-positive. You don't see that much in a lot of otme/visual novels. It was refreshing. Great game, and I'm really looking foreward to any more releases in the future!  <3


Hello! Just found this game last night and have been super enjoying it! The story is fun the MC is really solid and all the LI's are really cool ( I especially enjoyed Gunnar)! 

I have been trying to get on Dyson and Paz's individual routes for awhile and I consulted the guide you made but after trying over a dozen times each and ending up on the friendship ending each run I am D e s p e r a t e for any guidance you can offer on how to do it because I don't know what I am doing wrong TT-TT

Thanks for making such a lovely game!



Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention! In an older version of the game, their friendship routes were too hard to get, and it seems I've over-corrected.

This issue is fixed in version 2.2. If you have a save from before Carla and Tilly's visit, you may be able to pick up from there, otherwise you'll have to start a new game, but Paz and Dyson's romance routes should be fixed now.

Ahhh thank you so much for getting it fixed so quickly! I was able to get their good endings now <3

Also sorry to ask for more help but do you have advice for how to get onto the Dyson and Gunnar route? I've been struggling to figure it out on my own and have tried to do it a solid handful of times and there isn't much info in the guide on that one ^^;

Again thank you so much for everything!


As a general rule, if you're playing with Day Planning off, you can't text Gunnar after the nightmare, though there is a bit of flexibility in regards to your choices leading up to that. I hope that helps!

If you'd like a complete walkthrough for the polyamorous route, let me know.

Once again thank you so much! I was able to get through to it and get the good end but thank you for the offer of a walk through :)


I'm still trying to get the poly route, so if you're still offering that walkthrough, it would be much apreciated.

I was waiting to do the walkthrough until a few bugs had been sorted out, but since that's taking a little longer than anticipated, here's the updated walkthrough. I hope it helps!

(1 edit) (+3)

Dear PeanutParade, I just wanted to stop by to tell how much I enjoyed your game! It's so well done, with very fitting CGs and a compelling story, I espacially liked the mixture of light and more exciting moments, it was great. :)

My favourite part were the characters, such a wide range in the supporting cast and the possible boyfriends are all very interesting and charming. You characterized them so well and gave a lot of scenes with them, I really felt like I got to know them and I really liked all of them. They all are very special in their own way and it was very exciting to learn more about them. The relationships built up so well (Paz was my favourite) without pressure or unneccessary shyness (like the MCs that are nearly fading when holding hands; aside from that I really liked that being naked/without shirt was treated being so normal and not exaggarated with overbording blushing or something). Come to think of it, the MC is great! She isn't a pushover, holds herself and deals well with the situations, but thinks it over and sometimes is doubtful, too.

The only things that i think could be improved are the music, that sometimes stop until the next scene and the abrupt endings of some scenes that I'd like to read more about, especially at the ending. But that didn't reduce my enjoyment, I had a lot of fun reading your story!

And, as I read the other comments, I wanted to say that I read for the story and not the sexual content, I think it suited really well in there at it is and complemented the narrative, but I don't think it needs more than that. The essence is the narration, the characters and the relations they build, and that all works really well together in your VN.

I hope we get to play another one someday, I'm looking very much forward to it! Thanks a lot for Aurore (I totally forgot to mention that I really liked the wordbuilding, specifically the witches related to gems and the plot around them, but also the conclaves - I think there'd be potential for another narration, if you ever want to revisit :)), I really enjoyed playing! Send you support and greetings! :)


So I am trying to get all the CGs and I have all of them except the ones from Paz and Dyson's friendship routes, the ones at the fair. Any advice on how to get them? I keep either accidently ending up in a relationship with them or getting Gunnar or Adrian's again.

The easiest way to get Dyson's friendship route is to play like you're trying to romance him, but say you prefer monogamous relationships.

The trick to Paz's is not getting too many points with him before/during the drinking game. There's more than one way to do this, but the easiest would be: 1) Stay put so he's the guy you meet first, 2) Say you prefer non-monogamy, 3) Don't text any of the guys back, 4) Text your friends when you can't sleep, 5) Drink a soda.

I hope that helps!

Thank you so much for the prompt reply! The Dyson thing seems super obvious in retrospect lol

So I got every ending except Lana’s.  I followed the walkthrough and everything was going good but when it came time to call someone after her nightmare she automatically called IIma. Not sure what I did wrong. 


Thanks for bringing this to my attention! There was an error with the code, but I've released an updated version (1.1) of the game with this error corrected. You'll have to restart Lana's route, but it should work in the new version.

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I really do not understand why you have censored this game

in all the people who download the game, 99% activate the adult content so why give people the choise like this game was made for people who don't want adult content 
but even with the adult content activate the game remains much too "soft"

it's a shame ...  the concept is great and the story rather well written but if I play this kind of games it is largely for the sexual content and there is really not enough in the game , and the little that there is too much SFW

i just want to know why you don't go fully on sexual content with this game 

you have a great concept that offers opportunities both in terms of history but also in terms of adult content, and I just find it a pity that it is underexploited


While I appreciate your feedback, I find I have to disagree that 99% of players prefer sexually explicit material, given the number of otome games that don't have any erotic elements at all.

My intention was never to create a pornographic game. At first, the only character who had any sex scenes at all was Dyson (being an incubus, and all), but I was worried that there would be players who wouldn't be interested in that sort of thing, so I programmed in the ability to bypass the explicit material. After that, it seemed silly to have an entire feature that only effected one of the routes, so the others were given sex scenes as well. From this, you might intuit that the adult content was an afterthought, and you would be right.

As for its "softness", I suppose that's a matter of taste. I wasn't (and still am not) interested in drawing sexually explicit CGs, so this is as raunchy as it gets for my games, and I doubt any of my future games will have even this much sexual content, as I found it somewhat tiresome to write. 

For the people that do/did find this game unsatisfactory in that regard, I might direct them to the "erotic" tag (which is a tag that I chose not to apply to my game for this exact reason). 

That said, thank you for your kind words regarding the story. I genuinely do appreciate any and all comments, as I know that writing them takes time out of peoples' schedules. I hope that you find other games to your liking in the future, but I doubt they will be any of mine.

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Actually, I do think that Nayko93 has a point. Although not 99% players do prefer sexually explicit material/erotic material, a good portion of them do like it! Look at this survey conducted by TailorTale's creator: https://tailortales.wordpress.com/2018/12/03/an-in-depth-look-at-what-otome-play...

One of the surveyed questions was if players would like otome games with adult content. A good 39% of the survey sample want explicit sex, 34% with "softer" adult themes, while 20% have no preference. With that being said, more players do prefer explicit sex/adult content than those who don't.  Although the sample size can be argued that it's low, with 778 respondents, it does tell you that more otome players are starting to prefer or like explicit material. 

In my opinion, the thing about "given the number of otome games that don't have any erotic elements at all." is because most western otome game makers are usually young females that don't feel comfortable writing or drawing any adult content. But again, older players and otome game makers prefer adult content (See the survey for respondents age 25+ preferring adult content or how older otome game makers, like Michaela Laws, from Seduce Me, make games with adult content)

However, this is your game and work, so it's totally okay if you don't like or want to include more explicit content! It's understandable if explicit content isn't your thing! But players like Nayko93 and I are one type of demographic that do like explicit content and try to find/play any R18 otomes we can get, since they're so rare, hence the (slight) disappointment when it's not as explicit as we would like :P Anyways, your otome was well written and fun to play through! I hope you do make more otome games in the future :) 


Mmm Idk people who don't prefer sexually explicit content wouldn't turn on the mature filter. I was surprised that even with mature content on there was still censoring. It confused me if nothing else. I couldn't understand why there was a mature content filter if there was still censoring. Until I read that all that changed was the steamy moment scenes text. But even then i was still a bit confused. But it is your game and I still liked the games content. The story was good though there was still a lot of unanswered questions by the end. It is still a VN I replay often.

I just finished the demo. I really enjoyed it.

I'm sure all the routes and all the characters are very interesting... but to be honest I'm  interested in yuri romance the most,so I chose and got only Ilma's endings. 

Of course I really like artstyle... Well-done sprites and CGs. Daphne is very cute <3
Partial voice acting is good too.

The story was very great too.  A lot of endings, routes, meaningful choices and unexpected! plot-twists. The "normal" girl has to live in world she never knew about... and rule it. Wow! And she can find love, too.

small spoiler: I like idea of casting spells by gliphs. It's very different from what other games and media tells us about magic in use.

I rate it 5 hearts of 5 pausible. 

Thank you so much! I'm glad you enjoyed the game and I appreciate your kind words.

Will there be a walkthrough? Only can get one ending so far.


The walkthrough is here. Hope it helps!

Thank you so much, It really helps a lot! It’s a really good game, I enjoyed it👍🏻


I loved it but who's the female love interest? One of her two friends? 

I'm sorry the demo doesn't make it clear. The female love interest is Ilma.

Thank you for playing. I'm really glad you liked it!

I loved the demo! Can't wait for the full game!

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Thank you! I'm really glad you enjoyed it.

The full version is set to be released on February 14, 2019, though if I get ahead of schedule, I'll probably put it up before then. Right now, it's looking like the full version will have approximately 80,000 words. This number keeps changing, however, as I'm constantly thinking of new scenes and bonus episodes I want to include. lol

I am actually excited for this game. :D

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Unfortunately I was unable to get ahead of schedule. On the plus side, the game will now have an animated OP and partial voice acting!

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Thanks for the tip! Gunnar's one of my favorites, too, but then again, I love them all! :D