One Week Update

Steventon Street's demo and kickstarter have been live for one week, and I'm so proud of the response this project has gotten!

The kickstarter is fully funded, and because of this, the full game will have:

  • Better music
  • An expanded character creator
  • Minigames

There are still some stretch goals to make the full game even better, including full voice acting and better art, so please consider making a pledge. Every dollar helps!

Pledgers of $2 or more will also get to vote on what game Peanut Parade develops next, and one of the options is Aurore 2. For a full list and concept sketches of the games you can vote on, please visit Steventon Street's kickstarter.

Thank you to everyone who has helped to make Steventon Street a success! Keep an eye out for the full game this summer!

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