Two Week Update

We're nearly halfway through our kickstarter campaign, and we're currently working toward our stretch goal that would add more CGs to the game.

The current plan is to have 6 CGs (one for each love interest), and then a seventh for Wyatt's route when his DLC is released. If we make it to our next stretch goal, it will enable me to commission an artist to draw the CGs. In addition to giving me more time to work on other aspects of the game, this will also mean each love interest gets three or four CGs, which I think will make for a better player experience.

Thank you to everyone who has dowloaded the demo, backed the game on kickstarter and/or shared  on social media. None of this would have been possible without you!

And a bonus thank you to GirlGotGame, who played the Steventon Street demo on her channel. ♥

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